Compassion Cards Project Instructions

Compassion Cards exists to embrace + empower humanity through the art of written words.

How will this project make an impact?

Your cards will bring joy and encouragement to homeless neighbors, to people suffering food insecurity, to seniors and their caregivers, to foster kids, and families in shelters due to domestic violence.


Write your card, decorate it using all your creative juices

Please note there is no envelope provided as we are committed to ensuring that each card gets the intended recipient. We will read all of them, put them in envelopes, and deliver them.

Sending a personal note to a stranger during times of chaos and hardship can be such a meaningful way to connect. As you prepare to write cards, we encourage you to think about yourself. What things would make you feel better in a time of loss or struggle? What things would you avoid saying?

Empathy is our greatest strength as we write. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and truly trying to let folks know they’re not alone, is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we have. As you think through things to say, try to avoid cliches or platitudes. Thinking of genuine things to say, can be tricky, but it is well worth the effort. Go wild with kindness!

A simple way to make your card more personable is by signing your first name! We ask that you do not sign your full name but including a first name as you sign the card adds a personal touch to each note!

Feel free to decorate your cards, with art supplies, stickers, or markers! We love to see the creative things our volunteers come up with!

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Drop-Off Details

When: November 21 before 8 pm or Monday, November 23 from 9 am - 8 pm

Where: 1932 Woodgate Arch, Chesapeake, VA

Contact: Jordie DiFernando, 757-803-2563