Senior Services- Memory Book

The mission of Senior Services is to provide seniors and their caregivers with access to programs and services so they may live their lives with choice and dignity in their communities.

How will this project make an impact?

Volunteers can help area seniors by creating personal hygiene kits. Hygiene kits will meet the everyday personal needs of our seniors. All products will be used to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Drop-Off Details

When: Weekdays, 9 am to 4 pm, until Tuesday, December 1

Where: Interstate Corporate Center, 6350 Center Drive, Building 5, Suite 101

Contact: Jason Inge 757-222-4522


Kits: Fill each bag with the items provided – only the items provided so that consistency and quality can be ensured for the recipients. This also helps with COVID-19 safety

Compassion Cards: Create one Compassion Card for each kit. Use the instructions provided, or view them here.

Memory Book: These booklets are meant to encourage seniors to write and share about themselves, their memories, and their present lives.

Use the metal brads provided to bind 10 sheets of paper together to create a book.

Write a prompt on each page to encourage seniors to write about themselves, their early memories, and their present lives. The prompts below can provide some ideas to guide you.