Tidewater Friends of Foster Care- No Sew Fleece Blanket

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care (TFFC) is committed to enriching the lives of foster children in our community, because we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to thrive! Due to the inherent instability in family environment, foster children often miss out on key elements of a healthy and happy childhood, such as consistent family routines, enrollment in a single school system, and participation in enriching activities. Consequently, these children struggle emotionally and academically, with outcomes that reflecting this strife.

Through its philanthropy, TFFC strives to ensure that children in the foster care system have access to resources that afford them the opportunity to thrive.

How will this project make an impact?

Entering the foster care system is very stressful for children, and this stress is compounded when they do not have basic supplies such as a toothbrush or shampoo. Providing these supplies ensures that foster children have one less thing to worry about when they are already overwhelmed by the events involved in entering care.

Drop-Off Details

When: November 30, December 1-4 (by appt)

Where: 2551 Eltham Ave Unit A Norfolk VA 23513

Contact: Daniel Phillips, Office: 757-227-4187 ext. 121 or Cell: 757-402-2847


Kits: Fill each bag with the items provided – only the items provided so that consistency and quality can be ensured for the recipients. This also helps with COVID-19 safety.

Compassion Cards: Instructions included on the back of this page.

Fleece Blankets: Follow the instructions below.

For this project, you will need: Two large pieces of fleece, a pair of scissors, a flat surface to spread your materials out, and optionally a ruler.


Step 1: Line Up the Two Fabric Pieces

Line up the two fabrics, right sides OUT. Anti-pill solids are FUZZY on the right side. Anti-pill prints will be more distinct on the front side. Regular prints are hard to tell -- use the side that appeals to you.


Step 2: Trim to the Same Size

If sizes are not the same, trim the two pieces so that they are the same size.


Step 3: Cut Out the Corners

Cut a 5-inch square from each of the four corners.


Step 4: Cutting the Fringe

Cut fringe on all four sides of the blanket. Cut through both layers of fabric at the same time. Fringe pieces should be about 1 inch thick, or a little wider than the width of your finger. Cut strips about 5 inches deep. You can use a ruler to make sure that your fringes are approximately the same size.


Step 5: Begin Tying Knots

Leave your blanket lying flat on the surface, with all fringes lined up. I find it easier to start tying from the left and work right, going around the blanket. If you are left-handed, you may find it easier to start on the right and work left. These knots are called balloon knots... tie them just like you would if tying off a balloon! You can also tie a knot as you would make with a shoelace. That kind of knot will be easier if your hands are arthritic.


Step 6: Continue Around the Blanket­­­

Tie all the fringes together on all four sides of the blanket. You are finished! Wasn't that easy? All the knots should be snug up to the blanket, but not too tight. The finished blanket should lay flat.