Skilled & Board Volunteer Recruitment

Our volunteer recruitment software matches skilled volunteers suited for board service or short-term projects with nonprofit's needs.

How it Works

  • Nonprofits submit volunteer projects requiring specific skills and volunteers complete their skills profile.
  • Our software suggests opportunities that match volunteers based on skills, experience, and interests.
  • Based on suggested opportunities, volunteers choose which short-term project or nonprofit board they would like to serve by expressing interest, allowing the nonprofit to reach out with more information and complete the match.

Getting Started

To begin planning and posting your skills-based volunteer opportunities read through the directions below or watch our Skills-Based Volunteers training here.

Review your organization’s needs, determine fields that your current staff and board could use help in, and follow the instructions below to create skill-based, board, and issue-based volunteer opportunities. 

  • Review our list of skill-based volunteer project ideas for examples of specific projects volunteers can complete on our Skill-Based Projects page.
  • Sign in to your Partner Portal. If you are not a member but would like to become one, visit our Membership page.
  • Navigate to the “Volunteer Opportunities” page and select “Create Volunteer Opportunity”.
  • Create your volunteer opportunity as usual while keeping the following in mind. For more detailed instructions on creating an opportunity, view our FAQ’s.
    • “Registration Type” for skill-based and board service opportunities should be “Express Interest” to allow for screening of volunteers.
    • Create a detailed “Description” of the project (skill-based) or position (board) so that volunteers will understand exactly what will be required.
      • Identify a clear start and end to the project. What steps will need to be taken for the project to be complete?
      • Include the estimated length of time the project will take to complete, or the time commitment required of board members each month.
    • If volunteers can complete the projects remotely, select "Add a location (Next Step)" for the “Location”. In the next step select "Virtual" for "Location Type" and create a unique name that can be used on future opportunities.
    • Add the appropriate "Skilled Volunteer Opportunity Type" to make sure you attract volunteers who are interested in that type of service.
    • Select an “End Date” that allows volunteers enough time to complete the project by the deadline.
  • Once you submit your opportunity you will be redirected to the “Volunteer Opportunity” page. 
    • Scroll to the bottom and select “Add Skill”.
    • Add only one or two skills to ensure the most qualified volunteers are recommended to you.
  • Once your opportunity is approved it will be available on the public site and recommended to volunteers who match your specific skill requirements.
  • If volunteers match your opportunity they will be recommended to you in the Recommended Volunteers section of your Partner Portal.

To learn more about skilled and board volunteer recruitment, please contact us here.