Begin earning rewards for the time you spend volunteering! 


If you already have a Volunteer Account with VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads

Log into your volunteer account and toggle the tab, under Rewards and Recognition, that enables you to participate in the awards program here.

Creating An Account with Volunteer Rewards

To begin logging your volunteer hours, you'll first need to create an account. You can register by using Facebook or with an email address. To complete your registration, you will need to create a login username and password and to provide some personal and location information.

While not mandatory, we highly encourage volunteers to create an account and log in via Facebook for the following reasons:

  • It will allow you to share your activity directly with any followers you have, giving you more chances to earn reach points, which increases your odds of earning prizes.

  • Posting your activity on Facebook will help to create awareness for the organizations you support and also improve their chances of winning cash from our sponsors.

Logging Your Volunteer Hours

Once you have successfully created an account, log in and follow the steps below to log your hours.

  • Choose the "Log your Time" button. To find your organization, start typing your organization's name in the box under "search for an organization". Select your organization from the dropdown list. If your organization doesn't appear in the drop-down menu, click on the red link that states "If your organization isn't listed, click here" to create a new organization. You will need to enter your organization's name, address, Facebook page link, email address, phone number, and website.
  • Once you have selected (or created) your organization, choose "today" or one of the previous dates listed (dates go back one week) and enter the amount of time you spent volunteering. If your employer or organization support your volunteer efforts, choose their name from the dropdown list. If their name isn't listed, select "other" and enter their name in the space provided. Volunteers must log their time within 7 days of volunteering.

  • When finished entering all of your information, choose "report". You can also select "report and share" if you would like to post your activity to Facebook. We highly encourage doing this, as it will increase your odds of winning cash and prizes for both you and the organizations you support!

How's that for straight-forward and convenient? Just be sure to log your hours at least once a week, since the system will only allow you to enter hours for the current day and six days prior.