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Sign up an entire group of volunteers or sign up a child with an adult for age restricted events.

Registering as a Volunteer

If you already have an account with us login.  If you do not have an account you will need to Create An Account in order to create your team. 

Creating your Team

Once you are logged into your volunteer account Create Your Team.

  • Enter your team name and a short description of your team.
  • Next enter your team members names, ages (for members 18 and under), and email address (or phone number for youth without an email address).  For team members without a phone or email address, you may enter the Team Captain's phone number. 
  • Check at least one team member as Captain.  Team Captains are responsible for the team's participation in the volunteer events they sign up for.  If anyone on the team is unable to attend the Team Captain is responsible for removing them from the event.  Instructions on how to do this can be found below.  
  • For team members under the age of 13 enter their first and last name, along with a parent/guardian's phone number.  Per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act we are unable to store email addresses for children under the age of 13.  

Signing up your Team

Once your team is created, search our Posted Volunteer Opportunities or browse our Volunteer Opportunity Calendar to find upcoming opportunities that can accommodate your team.  If you are looking for something specifically for larger groups filter by "Good For Groups" under the search function.  There are two different ways to sign your team up depending on the type of opportunity.  Some opportunities allow you to sign the team up directly from our site while others allow you to express interest and the volunteer opportunity coordinator will reach out to you with further information.

  • For opportunities that allow you to sign your team up directly click "Sign up with Team" on the opportunities page.  Once you've signed up you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing more information about the volunteer opportunity.  Make sure to only sign up the team members who are able to attend the event and remove those who are unable to.  Be aware that you can only reserve up to 50% of the slots of any volunteer opportunity.
  • For opportunities that you must express interest for click "Express Interest with a Team" on the opportunities.  This button will notify the volunteer opportunity coordinator that your group is interested.  The host organization will contact you directly with more information and to confirm attendance.  An automated email will also be sent to you with the opportunity coordinator's contact information in case you need to reach out to them.
  • To ensure that your team is signed up for the event login to your volunteer account and click the My Account section on the navigation bar.  Under "upcoming opportunities" you will see the projects that you have registered for under the Action/Status column.  Click on "Participants" to view the team members who are signed up to participate in the opportunity. 

Removing Team Members

Login to your volunteer account and click the My Account section on the navigation bar.  Under "Upcoming Opportunities" you will see the projects that you have registered under the Action/Status column.  Deselect members of your team that will not be able to participate in the specific event and click "Submit" when you are done.  If your entire team can't attend, click on "Remove Team".


To learn more about registering your team, please contact us here.

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