Skilled & Board Volunteer Positions

Our volunteer recruitment software matches skilled volunteers suited for board service or short-term projects with nonprofits' needs.

How it Works

  • Volunteers complete their skills profile and nonprofits submit volunteer projects requiring specific skills.
  • Our software suggests opportunities that match individuals based on skills, experience, and interests.
  • Based on suggested opportunities, volunteers choose which short-term project or nonprofit board they would like to serve by expressing interest, allowing the nonprofit to reach out with more information.

Create Your Profile

Follow the instructions below to register for skilled, board, and issue-based volunteer service.

  • Sign in to your volunteer account or create one here.
  • Please complete all profile information including "Volunteer Availability" and "Volunteer Interests".
  • Once you are logged in to your account, go to "My Account", then under "Overview" click "Skills".
  • Click "yes" to accept invitations to opportunities that match your profile.
  • Set the maximum distance you are willing to travel to volunteer. We do have virtual opportunities if you would prefer to volunteer from home.
  • Check all skills that apply to you, each category opens up by clicking the + sign. Choosing specific skills allows the system to create better matches for you.
  • Scroll all the way to the end of the page and click "Update".

Find Volunteer Opportunities

After creating your skills profile follow the instructions below to find and register for volunteer opportunities requiring skills.

  • Match recommendations will be emailed to you as new opportunities are added to our system.
  • Browse our search page for all available opportunities that match your skills and interests by using the appropriate filters.
  • After finding an opportunity that interests you, click "Express Interest" on the opportunity page.
  • The nonprofit being served will reach out with additional matching criteria, information requests, or scheduling details.
  • Once confirmed by the nonprofit organization complete the project and report your hours.

To learn more about skilled and board volunteer positions, please contact us here.

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